"You can get the biggest change in someone's health by working with them on their diet, lifestyle, and targeted supplements"

Dr. Liz Lipski, PhD, CNS, FACN, IFMCP, BCHN, LDN
An author, researcher, and professor of Clinical Nutrition

Why learn to become a Nutritional Health Coach?

Health & Lifestyle Transformation

Learn how to improve your and your family’s quality of life by making simple and long-lasting changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Client Patient coaching

Change Lives

Help clients in your community and beyond to regain their health and transform their lives


Enjoy the Satisfaction and Income

Enjoy working in a growing industry, in clinics, medical centers, or your own practice, and make an impact on other people’s lives. The average hourly rate for a nutritional health coach ranges between $20 to $65 per hour.


"Its a new approach to medicine when we try to focus on the underlying causes, bringing the body's ultimate ability to heal and regenerate and just recover more quickly in an integrative and holistic way."

Dr. Jonathan Nadal, ND, MSAOM

Here is What You Are Going To Learn in the Program

  • The connection between diet, lifestyle, environmental exposure and inflammation and chronic disease
  • Learn about gastrointestinal anatomy and physiology, metabolism, absorption, and gut bacteria
  • This module also covers macronutrients and metabolism of carbs, protein, fats, and fiber
  • Function of vitamins, recommended dosages, symptoms of deficiency, and importance of each vitamin
  • Function of minerals, recommended dosages, symptoms of deficiency, and importance of minerals
  • Essential Amino Acids: Importance, metabolism, and clinical application of Arginine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine. Amino acids combination for vegans and vegetarians.

Is your diet inflammatory? This module topics include: 

    • Western vs Anti-inflammatory Diet (what are studies showing, what are the differences in food consumed in these diets, and general recommendations)
    • Omega 3 vs Omega 6 (health/function and inflammation)
    • Fiber consumption and health
    • The Food pyramid and MyPlate
    • Mindful eating

What is in our food? This module topics include: 

  • Heavy metals in food
  • Pesticides in food (clinical studies on safety and health concerns, reducing pesticides in food)
  • Chemicals in food containers
  • Harmful chemicals that are forming during cooking
  • Chemicals in supplements

Is your external or internal environment causing you inflammation? This module topics include:

  • Inflammation and chronic disease
  • Detoxification
  • Gut Health: Intestinal function and permeability
  • Gut dysbiosis
  • Using probiotics in therapy
  • Candida
  • Parasites
  • Food sensitivity vs allergy and Inflammation

Meal Planning 101: Designing healthy meal plans for clients. Also include: 

  • How to work with clients on a tight budget
  • Hydration

The importance of Phytonutrients and Flavonoids, as essential antioxidants, to promote and maintain good health

Evidence-based herbal medicine and the use of herbal medicine as nutritional supplements to support healthy function.

  • Adaptogenic herbs and specific herbs for most common conditions (joint pain, fatigue, headaches, digestion conditions, weight gain, hypothyroid, depression and anxiety, decline memory, alzheimer’s disease, parkinson’s disease, diabetes type 2, sexual dysfunction, and more)
  • History and regulations of herbal medicine
  • Safety considerations
  • A review of physiological effects of CBD and other herbal compounds
  • Herb-drug interaction

Food and Chronic Diseases: Learn how food and certain diets might lead to chronic diseases. Topics included:

    • The role of Inflammation in chronic diseases
    • Sugar
    • Meat
    • Milk & Dairy Products
    • Genetically Modified Organisms
    • Glyphosate in Food
    • Anti-Inflammatory Diet
    • Alternatives to these foods

Learn how to identify nutritional deficiencies. Topics included: 

  • Physical signs of nutritional deficiency
  • Using a symptoms survey to identify deficiencies and imbalances
  • The intake process

Fundamentals of coaching for clinical success!

    • Understanding the patient’s individual needs
    • Setting goals using the S.M.A.R.T system
    • The importance of understanding the client’s ‘Stages of Change’ 
    • How to successfully support a healthy weight loss process
    • Coaching tools, such as the O.A.R.S. system
    • Important considerations in overcoming barriers
    • Using reflective listening
    • Determining the next steps and setting a personalized plan

Coaching & Motivational Interview: Learn coaching strategies that will allow you to guide your clients to change their diet and lifestyle. Topics also include:

  • Tools to improve engagement and clinical success
  • Common objection and limiting beliefs
  • Overcoming objections: Partnership, support, and accountability
  • Mistakes to avoid when starting to work with a new client

A comprehensive review of food, regulation, and health. Topics include:

  • Dietary requirements for healthy cellular function. 
  • A review of physiological effects and benefits of different diets. 
  • Calorie restrictions and intermittent fasting. 
  • Probiotics, prebiotics, and fermented food
  • Diets to heal the digestion organs
  • Nutritional supplementation and quality regulation

A review of the principles and studies on Anti-Inflammatory diet. Topics also include: 

  • Tips for simple dietary adjustments for clinical success
  • Creating a personalised anti-inflammatory diet
  • Includes a patient guide as a resource to share with your patients

Learn how to identify harmful ingredients in your food and guide your clients to buy healthier and safer food. Module includes a review of the following: 

  • How to read labels of common products
  • How to identify harmful or unhealthy ingredients
  • Food additives, harmful preservative, health risks, and how is the food industry hiding them from us
  • Healthy alternatives, including gluten, sugar, and dairy free foods
  • A review on the effect of stress and immune activation and chronic diseases
  • Techniques for daily practice of stress reduction
  • Nutrition and supplements to support healthy stress response
  • A review of the client-coach relationship
  • The therapeutic flow: Strategies for clinical success
  • A review of case studies
  • Self-assessment for diet and lifestyle

Marketing and sales strategies to establish and grow your practice, including the following: 

  • How much to charge and how to increase your revenue
  • Website Checklist: tips and common mistakes when building your website
  • Your story and Mission
  • Core marketing concepts to attract your idea clients
  • The most effective and cheapest marketing tool every provider should use
  • The patient’s story/journey
  • The New Client/Patient Framework
  • Converting clients from your current practice to nutritional coaching/functional Medicine
  • 10 FREE ways to Get Your Next Clients
  • A review of law and ethics in nutritional health coaching
  • Getting a nutritional health coach position in clinics
  • Steps to establish your clinic
  • How to set-up a virtual clinic

The certification test is the last step in the program, where you will be assessed on the knowledge you gained throughout the course. This is an open-book exam.


"Get to the root cause of what's causing their health concern and use nutrition and supplements to tailor an approach to them specifically."

Jessica Knese | MS, CNS
Certified Nutritionist

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Course Accreditation

The American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certification and Accreditation Board was established in 1990 with a national and international membership body of over 21,000 of MDs, NDs, DCs, OMDs, PhDs, RNs, Health Coaches, and other “drugless” practitioners. Graduates of the American Academy of Functional Health may apply for a Board Certification in Holistic Health.

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