Become a Functional
Nutritional Medicine Practitioner

As a Functional Medicine provider, you will have a deeper understanding of the dietary, lifestyle, environmental, cellular, and emotional factors that lead to or aggravate chronic and inflammatory diseases.

Samples From the Program

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Immunology of chronic diseases with Dr. Heather Zwickey, PhD

Sample #1 from the course:

External and internal factors that lead to autoimmune conditions and neuroinflammation

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Intestinal Permeability with Dr. Liz Lipski, PhD

Sample #2 from the course:

What is intestinal permeability (also referred to as ‘leaky gut’), how does it aggravate chronic conditions, and what increases it.

What Our Students Say!

"Excellent course! Great speakers with extremely practical and useful information. I would highly recommend this course to any of my colleagues with pleasure."

Dr. Sanjay Murthy, MD, MPH
Physician at Wellhealth Medical Associates Clinic

“The Functional medicine certification course was very enriching, I learned so much and I was able to get certified in a short amount of time. Great speakers, great content."

Larissa Gbone, MSN, FNP, CRNP, CFMP
Functional Health & Wellness, LLC

“I have been looking for a course that is comprehensive and affordable at the same time to be certified as a functional practitioner.  This course is a game-changer for me and many of my other fellow practitioners in the industry”

Dr. Mansi Shah, B. Pharm, PharmD
Beyond Coaching, Holistic Nutrition Coaching

"Relevant and valuable for clinical practice. Also, very structured and clear."

Dr. Christian Bogner, MD, FACOG

“I enjoyed how well organized the course was, how convenient it was to access at any time to complete the modules, and how knowledgeable all the presenters were.”

Zerla Stoller, PA-C
Thriving With Zerla

What makes our program unique?

Focused on Clinical Application of Functional and Nutritional Medicine

Learn Functional Labs, Evidence-based Treatment Protocols, and use of supplements

100% Online and Self-Paced with 24/7 access from every device

Learn How to Build or Grow Your Practice (in-person or virtual)

What Our Students Say!

"I’m a registered nurse who is passionate about helping others achieve optimal health. This course has been wonderful and very informative."

Casey McPherson, RN
Rocky Springs Holistic Health

"This was a great intense course, plentiful with information and well organized. I enjoyed the program."

Dr. Kristian Antonio Jacobo, MD
Jacobo Wellness (Virtual Practice)

"The course was very interesting, informative, and applicable. I liked the clinical experience shared from the instructors and the and the scientific studies applied to the topics."

Natalie Tukpah, Nurse Practitioner
Holistic Whole Health, LLC

“I gained new skills and the case studies were an excellent help to present material in a fashion that mimics true practice."

Lowanda B Mullican, RPh
Viera Compounding Pharmacy, Florida

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Program Application

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The Functional Medicine Certification Program has specific admission requirements.

Applicants must have a certification, degree, or license in healthcare, as well as biomedical courses. 

Please schedule a short call with an admission advisor to ensure that you fulfill these requirements or to get further recommendations on how to qualify.  


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